TruBipolar™ Resection

The TruBipolarTM system provides a regulated current flow to the tip of the electrode. This gives you precise energy for the cut and coagulation. The TruBipolarTM system also alleviates unnecessary energy being in contact with patient tissue since it does not use the sheath as the return like hybrid bipolar systems do.





Strauss Surgical provides urologists with the latest technology to enable procedures with less patient discomfort; all at a significantly lower cost than that of today’s incumbents, which ensures that CEOs, Material Managers and/or OR Directors do not have to sacrifice quality nor patient care in order to deliver an improved bottom line for their facility/ies.To that end, Strauss Surgical has partnered with Lamidey Noury to bring the latest advancement in TruBipolarTM resection to the United States with Plasma Edge, Cold Fire resection technology.  For over 70 years, Lamidey Noury has been engineering and manufacturing electro-surgical technology in France. Lamidey Noury is a recognized leader and an innovator in high frequency power electronics and instrumentation design